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The Silk Road Dunhuang Hotel is located at the foot of Mingsha mountain, a famous scenic spot in Dunhuang. It is the most important throat hinterland on the ancient Silk Road and the only place to experience the Silk Road scenic spots.
It is a foreign tourist resort hotel with unique style. In terms of design and material selection, the buildings follow the style of ancient courtyard, such as large roof, wooden corridor, elegant furniture of late Tang Dynasty and Ming and Qing Dynasty, northwest enclosed courtyard and earth wall, which are mainly made of stone and soil, and are full of tradition and local characteristics.
The hotel is equipped with all kinds of modern and advanced service facilities, perfect air conditioning system and communication network. Approaching here, you can have both ancient feeling and modern life enjoyment.
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FAQs when booking at The Silk Road Dunhuang Hotel
  • How far is the hotel from DunHuang Airport?

    The Silk Road Dunhuang Hotel is 12.6km from the airport.

  • Does The Silk Road Dunhuang Hotel offer airport shuttle service?

    Yes, please contact us with flight number to arrange it after booking a room.

  • What are the check-in and check-out time at The Silk Road Dunhuang Hotel?

    Check-in time is from 14:00, and check-out time is until 14:00 at The Silk Road Dunhuang Hotel.

  • Does The Silk Road Dunhuang Hotel have a pool or gym?

    Yes, the hotel has a pool and gym. See details about other facilities on this page.

  • Does The Silk Road Dunhuang Hotel have a restaurant?

    Yes, you could have a meal in the hotel.

  • Does The Silk Road Dunhuang Hotel offer internet or wifi?

    Yes, please request it when you check in the hotel.

  • Does The Silk Road Dunhuang Hotel accept prepaid room charge?

    Yes, please contact us after submitting a reservation.

  • Does The Silk Road Dunhuang Hotel accept credit card payments?

    No, the hotel does not accept credit card payment.

  • How much is the breakfast at The Silk Road Dunhuang Hotel?

    Each costs cny88 for extra breakfast.

  • How much does it cost to stay at The Silk Road Dunhuang Hotel?

    The room prices is from cny1100, but it may vary depending on your stay(e.g. dates, room type etc.).

Reviews more
  • adauf
    The hotel is 13 kilometers away from Dunhuang railway station. It is 3 kilometers away from Dunhuang Museum. It is 3km away from Mingsha mountain crescent spring. The hotel has a small market with booking service, tourist information desk and luggage office.
  • daris
    A favorite hotel, suitable for taking children to crescent spring
  • glorye
    Super good, not willing to leave
  • eurydice0112
    The most cultural hotel in Dunhuang deeply feels the charm of the ancient desert city. The breakfast in Jiexing Pavilion is very good. You can watch the starry sky, drink wine or drink coffee here in the evening. Not far from the front is Mingsha mountain. The experience is really great
  • tingwei
    The location is very good. You can walk to Mingsha mountain scenic area. You can see a little sand mountain in the room of characteristic big bed room. It is a more characteristic hotel and worth a try, although the price is obviously higher than that of similar hotels.
  • calvin038
    Great environment! Before that, I was still a little worried about the low cost performance. As a result, the hotel was very good! I stayed for two nights. If it wasn't for the hotel I ordered later, I would like to stay. Breakfast is very rich.
  • bjlyd
    I did. See above.
  • cocojun
    The hotel has its own characteristics and good service
  • sino9910
    The hotel's specifications are still very high. I'm very satisfied with both hardware and software, but the bed is relatively small. Breakfast is very good. It's a five-star standard. It is suggested to stay in Dunhuang for a few days. It is convenient to park. The location is close to Mingsha mountain, which is convenient to travel.
  • d02716554
    Yes, the aisle outside the room is old, but it is very characteristic
  • fionye
    The location is excellent and the service is very good. I also sent moon cakes on the Mid Autumn Festival. It's very comfortable to have a drink and enjoy the moon in the star picking Pavilion.
  • jeanslw
    Although the equipment in the room is old, it has its own characteristics, which makes people hardly pay attention to the aging degree of the equipment in the room
    Turn right out of the hotel gate and go straight. Mingsha mountain is about 1 km away. It's very convenient to walk there, because there will be traffic jams at the gate of Mingsha mountain in busy season. The Chinese restaurant in the hotel tastes good. The hotel facilities are a little old, but the service is not bad. The rooms can have extra beds.
  • bessie22
    The location is very good. The hotel is very beautiful and antique. It matches the desert style very well. The hotel is very large. The restaurant and health care site services are in place, with five-star praise!
  • prettyjing
    The location is invincible. You can walk back no matter how late you play in Mingsha mountain. Breakfast is general. Huiyuan Juice and ramen seem to have no salt. The dishes are even sloppy, but you can eat enough in the desert. You must go to the star picking Pavilion! The disadvantage is that no one helped to pick up the luggage when entering the door, but the check-in and check-out of the front desk office were very smooth and had a very good attitude.
  • bujiadi
    The hotel can see Mingsha mountain. The breakfast environment is first-class. Breakfast is also a good hotel for this round trip. Moreover, children are free and very atmospheric. The overall environment is beautiful, the service is also good, the fruit and little camel dolls are given, and the parents and children are very good. I will choose next time
  • littlean112
    Dunhuang villa is two kilometers away from Mingsha mountain crescent spring. The parking lot is very large and suitable for children. Breakfast is very good, clean and hygienic. It combines Chinese and western. Coffee is freshly ground. Especially for children under the age of 16, breakfast is free, which is more than many star hotels. In the Chinese restaurant of the hotel, the dishes are well prepared and affordable. It is recommended to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner in the villa as long as you have time. If it is two big, one small and three seats, you can not add beds.
  • lubintg
    Experience the best hotel in the whole trip! It's the best place to reach Yueya spring. It's simple and domineering in the appearance of the ancient city. It's antique and comfortable to live in. You can have breakfast in the star picking Pavilion overlooking Mingsha mountain while eating. You can have dinner in Fengguo temple with good quality and low price. Tut tut tut, countless good memories. If you go to Dunhuang later, you will book this hotel.
    The hotel environment is good, especially for breakfast, sitting in the open air, watching the desert for breakfast. Breakfast is still free for children. At the same time in the hotel package a business car to Yadan, the service is thoughtful.
  • Chen Ji Xu drunk
    Can add bed, the scenery is good
  • amelia_327048
    Four star hotel? From the appearance of the building to the interior decoration to the room configuration, it has very local characteristics. It is very close to Mingsha mountain, and you can walk or ride a bicycle. It's less than 10 yuan to take a taxi downtown. It's warm in the room. You can see Mingsha mountain directly from the window. There are Chinese restaurants and some local specialties in the courtyard. There is a star picking Pavilion on the top floor. You can watch the sunrise in the morning, Mingsha mountain in the daytime, sunset in the evening and stars in the evening. It is also a place to eat. In the morning, it is a buffet breakfast (rich), in other times, it is a coffee shop (not drunk), and in the evening, it has simple western food (OK, not expensive). House prices will go up at the weekend. There's a parking lot. It's called the outskirts of Dunhuang. There's nothing around.
  • carlclear
    Very good!!!
  • lincolngao
    The hotel environment design is very good, the service is considerate, the pick-up and delivery are in place, and the restaurant food is delicious, especially the Kang pot lamb chops. If you have a chance to stay in Dunhuang villa next time, please praise it!
  • ada705
    I've lived here before. I don't think it's changed. It's very good! The dishes of the restaurant are very delicious and inexpensive. It's very pleasant to have breakfast on the second floor, facing Wusha mountain.
  • LiuLipeng
    The environment has nothing to say! It's also worth staying for breakfast with a panoramic view of the desert.
  • JonnyJiang
    I love this hotel. It's a desert building. It's great to have breakfast in front of Mingsha mountain. I had a good mid autumn dinner in fengguoci restaurant on the evening of Mid Autumn Festival! At night, the star picking Pavilion is full of stars, the moon is round and bright, and I saw the Dunhuang grand ceremony in the hotel. It's perfect! It's right for Dunhuang to choose here!
  • celine0630
    I don't know if it's the best hotel in Dunhuang. Anyway, it's very comfortable. I really want to stay for a few more days. The fly in the ointment is because the floor height is not high (it seems that there are only four floors in total, and the fourth floor is a place for breakfast. The scenery is good). I added 100 to replace it with a single room with a big bed on the third floor. I said that I can see Mingsha mountain only from the cracks of branches. It's very close to Mingsha mountain. The yard inside is also worth a quiet stay. I'll stay here next time.
  • a499237103
    The room has its own characteristics. The breakfast is very good. The small hot pot in the Chinese restaurant is also very good. Fruit and a pair of lovely Plush camels are also given during the check-in.
  • lijiajia8787
    The standard room has double beds. Unfortunately, it can't be made into a king bed. Although the room is not large, it is very distinctive. You can feel that every part of the hotel is carefully arranged and value for money!
  • smilexy0724
    Yueya spring scenic spot is 1km long, with high-end atmosphere. Apart from the small room, everything else is very good. Humanized children like it very much, and the price is slightly higher
  • coco9999961
    Breakfast is on the roof of the fourth floor. You can see Mingsha mountain. The environment is very good. It's important to soak your feet in the bathroom. It's very comfortable to travel and sleep. When you come to live the next day, you'll be full. Remember to book in advance in the peak season
  • aca323898
    The hotel is great and the scenery is great. We eat in the hotel in the morning and evening. Breakfast is facing the desert. There are rich meals. In the evening, we eat clear water mutton, boiled fish, dumplings and baked buns. Next to the hotel is the place to watch the Dunhuang Festival. Very convenient.
  • cdma2210
    It's a beautiful villa. It's very close to Mingsha mountain. It's very big. The room is not very big, but it is very Dunhuang style. Two camel toys are also given away. The coffee shop of jiexingge is on the rooftop, and the scenery is wonderful. Next time, I will live in Dunhuang villa
  • ctgpcstony
    hotel?? The location is very good... The crescent moon spring scenic spot can be reached on foot... The hotel decoration style is very western style... You can feel the different feelings of the Northwest... Especially the breakfast scenery... You can overlook the dunes of the crescent Moon Spring... Beautiful... Beautiful
  • wantfly81
    I forgot to turn on the night bed, but the overall service was good. The room was equipped with foot basin and foot bath milk. The decoration design of the hotel is very good. It's not close to Mingsha mountain. You shouldn't have a bathrobe
  • a413206929
    It's a very good hotel. It's very close to Mingsha mountain. The service is also very good. thank you!
  • Doraimi
    Breakfast is in the star picking Pavilion. Looking at the Mingsha mountain in the distance, it has a lasting appeal. The overall service of the hotel is good.
  • Anita
    Breakfast is rich, the room is lovely, send two lovely little camels and fruit, the restaurant tastes good?? On the fourth floor, you can see the stars in the star picking Pavilion open-air cafe, and you can see sunshine Mingsha mountain for breakfast. It's hard to stop when you drive to Mingsha mountain late. There's No. 3 bus, 1 yuan for two stops, or 5 yuan for a taxi. It's very convenient.
  • cxy22976
    The location of the hotel is very good. It's walking distance from Yueya spring, Leiyin temple and Yueya spring town. The breakfast is good, and it's a special flavor to have breakfast in Mingsha mountain
  • IMCjerry
    Breakfast is very rich, Chinese and Western food, beef noodles is very authentic. The location is very close to the crescent spring, walking to, suitable for watching sunrise and sunset. There is a parking lot. We go in off-season. There are plenty of parking spaces.
  • fanfanly
    There are no favorite hotels in the northwest. The scenery of breakfast will make you not lazy bed every day. You have stayed for 4 days. The only hotel that gets up and eats breakfast every day has a very good service attitude! The location is good, and it is worth super Amway to everyone
  • lilyfaner1983
    You can enjoy the scenery of the desert and have a special breakfast. The parking lot of the hotel is very large, close to Mogao Grottoes and Mingsha mountain, which is very convenient for self driving.
  • oracler
    I like star picking Pavilion best
  • xuxiaoseu
    The best hotel for this tour of the great ring road. Although the price of a room 900 is slightly expensive, it is still very valuable. The location of the hotel is excellent. The western restaurant on the fourth floor can look directly at Mingsha mountain and the desert and eat a rich breakfast. The hotel room facilities are slightly old, but the overall situation is acceptable. The Chinese restaurant attached to the hotel is inexpensive and tastes good. It is not more expensive than the public restaurant in the city. The three people ate about 200 and were very supportive. The service was very good. They gave away camels. The children liked them very much. Not long after checking out, the child was already missing the hotel
  • e04705905
    Rich breakfast and good environment
  • jinger2007
    Relatively speaking, all right
  • liuxuan1996
    It should be one of the best hotels in Dunhuang. You can see Mingsha mountain after breakfast on the roof. The room is also very quiet and the breakfast is also good
  • celiadingmonmon
    Breakfast can be eaten in Jiexing Pavilion. There are not too many varieties. The taste is very good. The beef noodles are really good. To tell you the truth, the hardware of the hotel is really old, and the bathroom is small, but it's also hard. But the hotel's western style, geographical advantages, the overall design can make up for all the shortcomings. The hotel also provides free pick-up and drop off service, and there are plenty of parking lots. Although there are many new hotels in Dunhuang and the decoration is great, if I go to Dunhuang again, I will still choose Dunhuang villa.
    When you go out in off peak season, there will be fewer people in the hotel. Breakfast is good and yogurt is delicious. The standard room has been upgraded to a big bed room with children's slippers. The food in the restaurant is also very good, the price is reasonable and the service is good! Children and adults are satisfied.
  • eddy0216
    The hotel is very unique. You can't miss it when you go to Dunhuang!
  • nlx1355
    Breakfast was very good. The place for breakfast is very beautiful. The hotel is the best in Dunhuang. There is a parking lot and the service is good. Definitely worth checking in again
    The setting sun in the western restaurant on the third floor is so beautiful... The room is a little primitive, but it is very distinctive. presenter?? Children like it, too.
  • bingyao222
    It's a special hotel. August is the ripe season of Dunhuang pears. You can pick pears for 30 yuan. It's a great experience. I recommend it!
  • crocopxie
    It's very close to Mingsha mountain. The environment is good. The double standard room is small. The water pressure for bathing is very low. It's very uncomfortable to take a bath
  • Budget!
    Very special hotel. I like it very much because I arrived early in the morning. After communicating with the hotel, I let us check in in in advance. Thank you very much. The Chinese restaurant in the hotel is delicious and the breakfast is also very rich
  • dengyny
    Very good. You must stay in a hotel in Dunhuang
  • e00176129
    Breakfast is good
  • raerae
    In the desert,??? Such a hotel is really good, especially the food. It tastes good and clean. Although the price is more expensive than outside, it won't be too expensive because of the large amount. It's highly recommended. You can see the stars in the morning restaurant at night and the desert scenery in the daytime. It's very beautiful!
  • Alfie.Xu
    The family were very satisfied and had a good holiday
  • e00135761
    It's more than 1km away from Mingsha mountain. It's OK to walk there. The decoration style of the hotel is very exotic. It has a rich breakfast. It should be a very good hotel in Dunhuang. The local specialties cooked in the hotel's Chinese restaurant are very delicious. I feel it's much more reliable than going out to hit Universiade and eat wanghong restaurant. The charge is reasonable. He also gave our children small gifts. It's very considerate. The best thing is that you can come down from Mingsha mountain in the evening and go back to the hotel to rest soon. It's too convenient for people with children!
  • E01294770
    The appearance of the hotel is very distinctive. It is very close to Mingsha mountain. You can see Mingsha mountain in the star picking Pavilion of the hotel. It is said that the weather is good and you can see the stars in the sky at night. The hotel facilities are a little old and the breakfast is also very general. As one of the few star hotels in Dunhuang, the service can't keep up. The hotel staff, whether at the front desk, restaurant or room service, didn't smile. The only time they took the initiative to say hello to us was to ask if we checked out.
  • lucy861
    Hotel decoration atmosphere, with cultural characteristics, although old facilities, but quality service makes people feel at home, next time will choose Dunhuang villa, will also recommend to friends.
  • cyb75
    The hotel is very good for parents and children. The location of the breakfast restaurant is great. You can see Mingsha mountain. The price of the hotel restaurant is very real. It's not much different from the price of our stall at the gate of Mingsha mountain. And the service was considerate, and the ordering meeting reminded customers to be appropriate. There are plenty of parking spaces
  • donsimon
    Unique geographical location
  • gnles
    Although the room is expensive, it is definitely worth the money. This is also part of the experience of Dunhuang travel. It is recommended that qualified tourists live here. The location is very close to the crescent spring, and the hotel decoration is very distinctive, reflecting a kind of classical aesthetics. The hotel is very large and can be visited for a long time. The room is clean and tidy with complete facilities. It also has the style of western regions. I'm very satisfied.
  • lawseweng
    The hotel is 13 kilometers away from Dunhuang railway station. 3 km from Dunhuang Museum. It is 3km away from Mingsha mountain crescent spring. The hotel has a small market, which provides ticket booking service, tourism information desk and luggage storage.
  • tjgmao
    Breakfast is very rich, and dinner is delicious. The decoration of the hotel is old, the room facilities are simple and very small, and the shower room is separated by rain curtain, which is not cost-effective
  • amao1668
    I lived in Dunhuang villa a few years ago. I had a good check-in experience at that time! I felt that the hotel facilities were aging and the service was very good. There were welcome fruits and small gifts (small camels). The overall feeling was pretty good!
  • v8001190708
    Absolute super four stars
  • datouws
    The service was pretty good~
  • AlfredLO
    ?????? It's a hotel recommended by friends around, babashi
  • crystalcao008
    The hotel is atmospheric and comfortable, the room is slightly small, and the breakfast is rich and beautiful
  • e02725628
    Good location, just walk to Mingsha mountain. Good service, rich breakfast and free delivery to the railway station.
  • storng
    Clean and hygienic, with large parking lot, suitable for self driving
  • ingrade
    Although the hotel has been open for a long time, the geographical location is really good. You can see Mingsha mountain. Moreover, the hotel style is very special and the service is in place, so it completely makes up for the regret that it is not new enough. Then there are few big bed rooms, but you can see the desert. Breakfast is in the star picking Pavilion. You can experience breakfast by the desert. It's still very emotional to order a drink and watch the stars in the star picking Pavilion at night
  • e04014237
    It's the second time in six years, and everything remains the same.